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Windows 10 Parental Control Access

How to Safeguard Your Teens Using Windows 10?

Have you decided to get a Windows 10 PC for your kids? Certainly, with a lot of advanced features, W10 is one of the best sources that can serve your teens with the marvelous computing experience. Both you as well as they are possibly enthusiastic to explore the benefits that this technology offers, especially in regards to their education. Besides it, being aware of the fact that the internet is full of hazards like identity thefts, phishing scams, etc., you probably be concerned about the children’s security. No worries as mavens at PC Support Office are here to make you accustomed to the tactics to protect your family by keeping the dangers at bay.

What Can You Do?

The first thing you can exercise is to set parental control. Enabling you to monitor and manage how your teens will deploy their computer, it bestows you with the assurance that they are safe while online. Let’s walk with the guide on how to enable parental control on Windows 10 device.

 The process of setting up this security control on W10 is quite easy and straightforward. First of all, you need to add a ‘family’ account indicating that there is a child who has to be supervised followed by using the ‘Microsoft family’ to set up data & usage restrictions.       

Things required to complete the process encompass:    

  1. Good Internet Connection
  2. One ‘Parent’ Account
  3. If the device is about to be used by two or more children, separate accounts for each kid should be there
  4. Access to the credentials of your teens’ email accounts or those created for this purpose
  5. Administrator privileges on the laptop or desktop running Windows 10

Note: If your kid already has a Microsoft account, you needn’t create other rather just access his/ her account & respond to the email requesting for a confirmation that they are family. Sending an email to the address provided for the setup procedure can also help you in confirming the same.

How to Apply Parental Control?   

For applying parental control on the device running Windows 10, the PCSupport Office mavens suggest to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to ‘Windows Settings’
  2. Select ‘Accounts’
  3. From the sidebar menu existing in the left, choose Family and Other People
  4. Under the section ‘Your Family’, select and click ‘Add a Family Member’. By default, ‘Add a child’ option remains selected. In the field below it, enter your kid’s email address.
  5. At last, open the email address you have entered & there respond to the emails waiting for confirmation. If you are using the details of Microsoft account your kids already have, you’ll get only one email asking to accept & set parental control. However, if you are deploying a new account, you will come across two emails – one requesting to verify the teen’s email address & other to same accepting and setting control.
  6. Now, to access the parental control, you need to go back to Settings -> Account -> ‘Family and Other People’ section that will be available with a new option ‘Manage Family Settings Online’. Clicking this option will redirect you to Family Parental Control page where you can monitor your kids’ activities along with setting specific limits.

Note: Your teen can use the Windows 10 devices for the time more than the limit you set. But for this, they have to request you. An email requesting additional time will reach your inbox, you can approve or deny the request as per your choice.

Hope, the guide will help you in defending your loved ones. However, if anything whether tech issues in your PC or queries related to parental control prevents you from doing the same aptly, feel free to contact PC Support Office Services providers. They will serve you with satisfactory solutions.     

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