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How to Speed Up Slow Computer

How Can You Speed Up A Computer? PC Support Experts Will Guide You!

Regardless of your computer being an old Celeron or the new Core i9-9900K, the main bottleneck is neither its speed nor its processing power. As per PC Support professionals, it’s ‘You’. Think – how long your device sits and waits for the next command whether it is pertaining to typing a word or clicking an icon to open an app or anything else. Undoubtedly, tech faults decrease the swiftness with which your machine works but sometimes, human decisions or the time they take to make them also leads to lag.

Now, let’s learn which attempts by users can spurt up the PC’s speed and performance.      

Tips to Boost Up Your PC

Many a time, human being is the one responsible for slow output from computing machines. There are plenty of physical tasks that if performed on a faster basis can bestow you with a good and swift experience.

I. Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Rolling your mouse pointer every time whenever you need to open the menus and/or click the options/icons results in wastage of precious seconds. Lifting your fingers off of the keyboard for using mouse abate the speed of your workflow. Hence, instead of taking your hands again and again on the mouse and wasting the valuable time by disturbing the workflow, prefer relying on keyboard shortcuts. If you are a Windows 10 user, feel glad as creating shortcuts on systems running with this OS is quite easy. Once created, they will allow you to get into your favorite program/application with great ease just by hitting only one key combination.

II. Deploy Dual Monitors: It is the best way to expand your work area and thus, spurt up your performance. Utilizing two isolate display screens will aid you to compartmentalize and accomplish your work more speedily and effectively. No, the process is not as expensive as you are estimating. A budget-oriented pair of monitors can be attained at $250 only. Being adept, mavens at PC support office can aid in getting the suitable, affordable, and peerless monitors.       

III. Custom Keyboard Macros Seem Beneficial: When it comes to frequently-used functions on your PC, the list is really long. Performing these usual functions in the proper step-wise manner always (whenever requisite) not only waste time but also appears annoying. For instance – launching an application with just a keystroke is remarkably helpful in comparison to typing a long text. Hence, use keys that let you accomplish your tasks just as fast as you can imagine anything.     

IV. Increase the No. of Google Search Results: By default, a search engine like Google displays 10 results/page. A simple attempt of increasing this number to 15 to 25 enables you to come across nearly 50 results/page, thus, preventing you from frustrating yourself by clicking for the next many times.   

V. Learn Fast Typing: Even if you have learned shortcuts, there’s a need to deploy them on a regular basis so that your fingers turn habitual and you attain a faster typing experience.

The tips listed above encompass some of many ways that add to your practice of receiving faster overall productivity. A few of those are not aforementioned include enable default programs for all file types’, ‘hide obstructing websites’, and limit notifications from apps. Minor changes in your behavior can make your computer proffer faster outputs in return of quicker inputs from your end. Be quick and do it now as your PC is eagerly waiting to aid you in boosting up the ultimate working speed. Staying ready to render assistance at any time, PC Support techies are adept in buzzing off the issues or concerns that obstruct you while developing these habits.