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How to Extend the Battery Life of your Windows 10 PC?

Are you constantly working with your Computer? Battery life is a crucial thing you need to take care of. If the battery starts draining, your entire experience with the PC will turn bad. In order to not let this happen & to maintain good workflow as well as productivity, you should follow the recommendation of adept PCSupport Office mavens.

They suggest you following some significant tips that aid in maximizing the battery life of your Windows 10 system. This, in turn, leaves you enjoying the advanced features of W10, complete a big project on time or play games for hours without any glitch.  

Significant tips That Maximize Your Window 10 System’s Battery Life

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Use W10 Battery Saver 

Battery saver is a built-in aspect that aids you in using your Windows 10 PC for more hours. Visit your device’s Action Center and from there turn this option ON. Alternately, you can move with the steps like go to Settings -> System -> Battery Saver. Now, customize the way in which it can work encompassing the control regarding which app can run in the background and which cannot.      

Use Power Throttling to Optimize Battery Performance

It is a feature that automatically prioritizes which applications need more power and thus, maintains a balance by setting the less vital ones in low power state. Though keep working in the background yet allow you to view the throttling status and tweak the settings for each app. Experts at PC Support Office can serve you with the step-by-step guide to use this feature.   

Utilize Battery Report

Windows 10 encompasses the ability to create a battery report that holds statistics regarding the battery’s specifications as well as its performance. To get the report, open the command prompt and type powercfg /batteryreport at it. Doing this, you will get all the useful data about your device’s battery including model, manufacturer, cycle count, chemistry, and usage data.     

Adjust the Reserve Battery Level

However, it doesn’t enhance the battery juice but still important in gaining control over your daily workflow and battery life. How does it work? Whenever your PC reaches the set reserve battery level, you will get a pop-up notifying that the device is about to enter into hibernation or sleep mode. Increased reserve level means more time to find out a power source so as to plug in your device.

Additional Tips to save Battery  

Besides the aforementioned, there are a number of other simple ways you can implement to optimize your Windows 10 computer’s battery. For instance – limiting the apps running in the background, disabling Wi-Fi when not in use, reducing screen brightness, lowering down the speakers’ volume are some easy tactics that aid you in using your battery for a bit longer.   

Hope, this guide encapsulating important tips and ways to enhance your PC’s battery life will for sure prove beneficial. These are applicable to Windows 10. However, if you are in search of effective tactics that sound useful in optimizing the battery life of computer with other OS or even any other gadget, keep reading the blogs by executives at PCSupport Office.         


common PC hardware issues

Pc support office guide to overcome common PC hardware issues

Computers are built with security measures because all of the sensitive components and hardware will be gathered inside a casing to safeguard the components from harsh elements and dust. But some common computer hardware issues can occur at times despite the protection. For any such issues, consulting the Pc support experts to remain ahead of the problems.

Big issues can get resolved easily with the aid of business IT support team. There are other small and common issues that come up often with a computer. It is prudent to identify and recognize such issues.

The following blog is here is to guide users in knowing the commonly found hardware related issues on the computer:

Blank Monitors

This is the most usual PC problem. Most of the users who work with PCs may have faced with such non-working blank monitor once in their lifetime. In such a case, firstly the users should check the supply cord and power systems. At times, the video cable may be loosened. The users just need to push the video cable and place it again, it should help users now.  

Mouse Glitches

The mouse is used for a variety of operations such as playing games, opening files, and moreover, it enables easy navigation, thus gives easy access to the data. The most recurrent issues related to the mouse include connection issues, failure to move, freezing on the screen or damage to the mouse.

Keyboard issues

A keyboard is one of the vital components of any PC. It not only allows typing, but it also gives commands too. Users may encounter some common potential issues with the keyboard that comprises keyboards that will not connect to the PC, broken keyboards where the letters end up jumbled. With this, opting for Pc support tech experts for any such problem can prove to be beneficial.

Power Cord Snags

Power cords are an imperative part of any PC. The desktop needs the power cord to work. A laptop can work on batteries for a limited amount of time but then requires the power cord for recharging. The most common issue with the power cord is an unfitting connection.

Motherboard Troubles

The motherboard includes many parts of the PC including the RAM, mass storage, BIOS system, and CPU. The computer motherboard comprises various devices, which can create other credible issues. Issues with the motherboard range from less RAM to BIOS issues. Resolving the issues will depend on the particular issue and, the worst scenario, buying a new motherboard will solve the issues.

Not Enough Memory

Vigorous programs also demand a lot of memory. RAM (Random Access Memory) aides the CPU (Central Processing Unit) by storing instructions linked to common operations. Without enough RAM, software crashes and slowdowns can come up.

The aforementioned issues are common and small but can be irritating as well. The solutions below may help you in getting rid of the problems better. Besides studying about the issues and their solutions, if there is any confusion, consulting the best Pc support office experts can assist. They are proficient and handling every issue for them comes up to be easier to handle.

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