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How to Resolve Outlook Crashing, Freezing or Not Responding Issue?

Are you unable to open your Outlook as it is crashing or freezing, then how will you see your calendar, process the messages in your inbox, and get your tasks done on time? Such a situation can be quite threatening. No worries as fortunately, the professionals at PCSupport Office are here with the ways to fix this irritating snag in your Outlook.  Why they are available with this helpful guide is their passion to make the users get most out of their computer and the apps on it.


The main symptoms that indicate the occurrence of this issue is an error message stating ‘Outlook not responding’.


There are many reasons that result in this issue. Some of them are as follows:

  • You are not running the latest updates  
  • Size of your mailboxes are extraordinarily large
  • Data files in your Outlook are damaged or corrupted
  • A formerly installed or outdated add-on is distracting Outlook
  • The antivirus software installed on your PC is not up-to-date
  • Antivirus software or any other program conflicting with your Outlook, etc.


Now, when you have been accustomed to the reasons ‘why your Outlook is crashing, freezing, or not responding, it will be quite easier for you to get rid of this problem. Just follow the below tactics by the experienced engineers at PCSupport Office & see the results yourself.

  1. Ensure having the latest updates: Your first step is to check for updates pertaining to all applications (including antivirus). Doing this is an easy exercise and can troubleshoot your glitch. For Outlook updates, you have to open an Office app -> choose File -> Account -> Product Information -> Update Options. Once reached here, check if the updates are enabled. If not, enable the option and click Update Now & follow the on-screen instructions. Ultimately, reboot & restart your Outlook.
  2. Utilize System Restore: Sometimes changes that take place in your system can generate the issue. For instance – the installation of new hardware or software that conflicts with your Outlook. Restoring your system’s settings by rolling it back to an earlier phase of time can fix the problem. This will not impact your vital data but it is obvious that you need to uninstall & reinstall the programs installed after that restore point. Go to the Start -> Control Panel -> System & Security -> File History -> Recovery -> System Restore -> Follow the on-screen instructions.         
  3. Remove Add-ons: Interfering with the applications, add-ons often lead to such snags. Hence, removing add-ons from your Outlook can be an effective step to buzz-off the problem. For this, you will have to navigate to Settings -> System -> Apps & Features. Now, search for add-ons. Once found, select any of the two options – delete all or delete one at a time. Finally, relaunch your Outlook. Hopefully, the troublesome add-ons have been removed.
  4. Use Repair Tool: MicrosoftOutlook is a part of MS office & encompasses a repair tool. Have the advantage of this utility and let it troubleshoot your issue automatically.    
  5. Reinstall MS Office: If the snag is still following you, then there is a need to uninstall & reinstall the Office completely.   

Sometimes (very rarely), the issue keeps frustrating the user even when he/she had tried all the aforementioned steps. If the same thing happens with you, consult the adept PCSupport experts as instantly as possible else you can suffer from major losses.   

Windows 10 Parental Control Access

How to Safeguard Your Teens Using Windows 10?

Have you decided to get a Windows 10 PC for your kids? Certainly, with a lot of advanced features, W10 is one of the best sources that can serve your teens with the marvelous computing experience. Both you as well as they are possibly enthusiastic to explore the benefits that this technology offers, especially in regards to their education. Besides it, being aware of the fact that the internet is full of hazards like identity thefts, phishing scams, etc., you probably be concerned about the children’s security. No worries as mavens at PC Support Office are here to make you accustomed to the tactics to protect your family by keeping the dangers at bay.

What Can You Do?

The first thing you can exercise is to set parental control. Enabling you to monitor and manage how your teens will deploy their computer, it bestows you with the assurance that they are safe while online. Let’s walk with the guide on how to enable parental control on Windows 10 device.

 The process of setting up this security control on W10 is quite easy and straightforward. First of all, you need to add a ‘family’ account indicating that there is a child who has to be supervised followed by using the ‘Microsoft family’ to set up data & usage restrictions.       

Things required to complete the process encompass:    

  1. Good Internet Connection
  2. One ‘Parent’ Account
  3. If the device is about to be used by two or more children, separate accounts for each kid should be there
  4. Access to the credentials of your teens’ email accounts or those created for this purpose
  5. Administrator privileges on the laptop or desktop running Windows 10

Note: If your kid already has a Microsoft account, you needn’t create other rather just access his/ her account & respond to the email requesting for a confirmation that they are family. Sending an email to the address provided for the setup procedure can also help you in confirming the same.

How to Apply Parental Control?   

For applying parental control on the device running Windows 10, the PCSupport Office mavens suggest to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to ‘Windows Settings’
  2. Select ‘Accounts’
  3. From the sidebar menu existing in the left, choose Family and Other People
  4. Under the section ‘Your Family’, select and click ‘Add a Family Member’. By default, ‘Add a child’ option remains selected. In the field below it, enter your kid’s email address.
  5. At last, open the email address you have entered & there respond to the emails waiting for confirmation. If you are using the details of Microsoft account your kids already have, you’ll get only one email asking to accept & set parental control. However, if you are deploying a new account, you will come across two emails – one requesting to verify the teen’s email address & other to same accepting and setting control.
  6. Now, to access the parental control, you need to go back to Settings -> Account -> ‘Family and Other People’ section that will be available with a new option ‘Manage Family Settings Online’. Clicking this option will redirect you to Family Parental Control page where you can monitor your kids’ activities along with setting specific limits.

Note: Your teen can use the Windows 10 devices for the time more than the limit you set. But for this, they have to request you. An email requesting additional time will reach your inbox, you can approve or deny the request as per your choice.

Hope, the guide will help you in defending your loved ones. However, if anything whether tech issues in your PC or queries related to parental control prevents you from doing the same aptly, feel free to contact PC Support Office Services providers. They will serve you with satisfactory solutions.     

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5 common computer troubleshooting tips for non-technical people

Whenever you use a computer, there comes a time when you lose control on working on a PC. There are numerous situations when you do not know the correct way to attain the resolutions. Being a novice can also build up issues that are quite technical and attaining quick fixes for the same seem impossible. Here in the blog, we will come across some really beneficial tactics that can help in resolving the issues much faster and in a limited time span. Other than this, fetching help from the best Pc support office experts can help in rectifying issues smoothly.

Let us now begin with the best troubleshooting tips that can help non-technical people in resolving common computer issues:

Computer Slowdowns

This is one of the most common issues that can occur while using a computer. An unexpected decline in the speed can develop some really complicated issues. For a novice, especially it is the most annoying problem. A slowdown can arise because of a number of ways such as viruses, viruses, Spyware, and full disk space. Disk space can get freed and of course, downloading antivirus or anti-spyware can help in keeping things rather simpler and out of any issue.

Computer Freezes Up

This is the most common issue that can arise anytime. For a non-technical person, the situation seems a bit complex. But! The solution is quite simple- a reboot. Rebooting your machine can help in retaining the speed and a lot of issues get solved easily. For this, a person needs to simply hold the on/off key until the PC turns off, waiting a few minutes, and then turning the system back on. If any issue arises, connecting to the PcSupportOffice professionals can aid to some extent.

Computer Makes Loud Noises

Well, this is the most common scenario that can frame quite a complex situation. Hearing sudden noises because of the fan or probably your hard drive is a common occurrence. The hard drive could be dying, and for that, it is necessary to back up all the necessary data and buying a new hard drive instead.

Power Supply Is Dying

Well, old and new computers can both have issues. Old PCs can die, and at times new computers have bugs. If your PC won’t turn on, there is a better chance that the power supply is not working anymore. They can create issues that can become bigger in the coming time. For this, users can hold down the on or off button to check if it turns on. If not then help from the technicians should be the one and only option. A new can help in getting the power back on and the PC will start working properly again.

Make A New Friend

There are chances where obtaining solutions for such technical issues seem impossible. What a user can do is making a new friend who is tech-savvy and can help in resolving a lot of issues in a simpler way. Whenever there comes an issue, contacting a tech-savvy friend can help to an extent.

So, these were some frequently arising issues that can be quite complicated to understand by a user. Following these religiously can prove to be helpful and can assist in solving users’ problems. Other than this, fetching quick assistance from Pc support office mavens can be advantageous.

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How to Extend the Battery Life of your Windows 10 PC?

Are you constantly working with your Computer? Battery life is a crucial thing you need to take care of. If the battery starts draining, your entire experience with the PC will turn bad. In order to not let this happen & to maintain good workflow as well as productivity, you should follow the recommendation of adept PCSupport Office mavens.

They suggest you following some significant tips that aid in maximizing the battery life of your Windows 10 system. This, in turn, leaves you enjoying the advanced features of W10, complete a big project on time or play games for hours without any glitch.  

Significant tips That Maximize Your Window 10 System’s Battery Life

PC Support Office

Use W10 Battery Saver 

Battery saver is a built-in aspect that aids you in using your Windows 10 PC for more hours. Visit your device’s Action Center and from there turn this option ON. Alternately, you can move with the steps like go to Settings -> System -> Battery Saver. Now, customize the way in which it can work encompassing the control regarding which app can run in the background and which cannot.      

Use Power Throttling to Optimize Battery Performance

It is a feature that automatically prioritizes which applications need more power and thus, maintains a balance by setting the less vital ones in low power state. Though keep working in the background yet allow you to view the throttling status and tweak the settings for each app. Experts at PC Support Office can serve you with the step-by-step guide to use this feature.   

Utilize Battery Report

Windows 10 encompasses the ability to create a battery report that holds statistics regarding the battery’s specifications as well as its performance. To get the report, open the command prompt and type powercfg /batteryreport at it. Doing this, you will get all the useful data about your device’s battery including model, manufacturer, cycle count, chemistry, and usage data.     

Adjust the Reserve Battery Level

However, it doesn’t enhance the battery juice but still important in gaining control over your daily workflow and battery life. How does it work? Whenever your PC reaches the set reserve battery level, you will get a pop-up notifying that the device is about to enter into hibernation or sleep mode. Increased reserve level means more time to find out a power source so as to plug in your device.

Additional Tips to save Battery  

Besides the aforementioned, there are a number of other simple ways you can implement to optimize your Windows 10 computer’s battery. For instance – limiting the apps running in the background, disabling Wi-Fi when not in use, reducing screen brightness, lowering down the speakers’ volume are some easy tactics that aid you in using your battery for a bit longer.   

Hope, this guide encapsulating important tips and ways to enhance your PC’s battery life will for sure prove beneficial. These are applicable to Windows 10. However, if you are in search of effective tactics that sound useful in optimizing the battery life of computer with other OS or even any other gadget, keep reading the blogs by executives at PCSupport Office.         


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How Can You Extend your Laser Printer’s Life?

Analyzing HP printer experts’ report informing that users are liberal to enhance the life of their printers, we, mavens at PCSupport Office have come up with this guide. By testing a lot of laser printers over millions of pages, our team has discovered 4 significant ways that can aid the people in making their printing machines last longer. Go through the ways and see the results yourself!

Methods to Improve the Life Span of Your Laser Printer

#Toner: Besides snags like fade images or bad printouts, poor quality toner can generate several other issues. Not immediately but over time, it can damage various parts (that deals with paper) of printers. For instance – fuser, paper input tray, paper sensor, and paper output tray are the most vulnerable printer parts that get affected in this manner.

Sol. Be strict to deploy high-quality toner. The best platform to get such toners is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). 

PCSupport Office

#OEM Printer Parts: There’s no surety that all the printer parts accessible in the market are optimal. Instead, many imported parts of printing machines are clones of the original ones. Though not designed by the OEM yet they are so nicely designed that differentiating them from the real ones is quite arduous. If intentionally or unintentionally fitted into a printer, these parts will generate issues over time.

Sol. Whenever, you want to replace a part of your printing machine, deploy OEM new. However, if you are ardent to save your money, go for an alternative where you can utilize OEM rebuilt replacement parts.              

#Education: A bit difficult to believe but most of the printer damages we usually come across are due to mistakes/ faults by end users. Some of the common end-user related issues are as follows:

  • Pulling a paper too hard or using sharp objects to clear the jam can damage the printer fuser.
  • Slamming paper tray while loading paper can generate glitches.
  • Dropping staples in the printer is also a bad attempt, etc.

Sol. From childhood, we have been hearing that education is a key to success. Here also, the same thing applies. Educating users on how to use printers encompassing how to feed paper, how to resolve paper jam issue, etc., is a good tactic to prevent the occurrence of a variety of snags. User manual is an optimal source for being accustomed to the proper way of using printers without committing mistakes.    

#Papers: PC Support Office engineers have found that there’s a lot of difference between printouts on standardized papers and other pages. Printing machines are able to proffer superior performance i.e. high-quality printouts on certified papers rather than abrasive or large-particle filler pages. Moreover, leaving behind fewer toner contaminants and dust, these papers contribute to reducing paper jams, image quality glitches, and many other problems.

Sol. Prefer using high-quality and standardized papers that suit your printer.       

These are the simple but operative ways which if implemented aptly will keep your printing machines away from multifarious tech problems. This, in turn, automatically results in enhancing the life of your printers. So, start implementing them! However, if any part of your printing machine has been already damaged or your toner not functioning properly or the papers are not fine, consult PC Support Office’s experts. They’ll assist you with better solutions to whatever concern you’re facing.

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PCSupport Office Shares Ways to Alter Themes for Skype on Windows 10

Looking back to immemorial times, Skype remains somewhat like a king. In the year 2019, there’s hardly anyone who can imagine a system without this app. Making it incredibly famous amongst billions of users worldwide, Microsoft bought Skype as a significant part of Windows 10 ambiance. This’s what lead to its success. To know more about this really cool app along with being accustomed to the way that aid in changing themes for it, let’s go through this blog. Provided by the adept Mavens at PC Support Office, this imperative post will surely prove beneficial in facilitating Windows 10 users with a more enjoyable Skype experience.

A little About Skype

Providing almost everything what the users expect from Skype, its latest version is reliable, intuitive, and fast. Another remarkable thing that grabs attention is the advanced features that make this app more attractive and convenient. Besides it, the app now serves users with the liberty to choose and change the theme for their Skype. Remember, this exciting aspect is what you’re here for. Now, it’s the time to end up stalling and answering your question.

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How Can I Change Theme in Skype on my Windows 10 System?

When it comes to change themes in famous Skype, you need to be a bit careful as the process is quite arduous. No worries as this guide will assist you to switch from your traditional light theme to new long-anticipated dark mode. What you have to perform so as to go stylish and dark is as follows:    

  • Open your Skype app.
  • Click your profile picture. On the other hand, you can click the icon displayed with three-dots on the right.
  • Select Settings.
  • Navigate to Appearance.
  • Beneath Modes, choose Dark.

The modification will immediately come into effect and your Skype will be available with a shady & stylish look. However, if you aren’t fine with the theme obtained after alteration, get the previous one just by clicking on the Reverse button positioned in the upper right-hand corner.

Now, when you are familiar with the operative step-by-step way to make Skype dark on Windows 10, move further to…

How Can I Modify My Profile Color/Shade in Skype?

The latest edition of Skype itself proffers Six profile colors. You can easily choose any of them as per your preference. Below PCSupport Office’s experts recommended step-wise process will aid you in identifying the location where these have been stored.  

  • Run your Skype app.
  • Click your profile picture.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Settings’.
  • Open the left pane menu and from there, select Appearance.
  • Beneath the right pane, visit the Color section.

Once reached here, you are liberal to opt any of the colors you like for your profile.

These were the easy steps that can turn your working with Skype on Windows 10 into a marvelous experience. So, apply them and accomplish your tasks more effectively. Meanwhile, note that the sluggish, unstable, or slow apps are good for nothing. Moreover, such sick applications indicate that your system is suffering or about to suffer from serious tech issues. If your Skype is acting weird or consuming time or not behaving expectedly, be cautious & get your system checked by PC Support Office engineers.             

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A quick guide to basic laptop snags by PCSupport Office

Laptops are the most used devices that are similar to desktop PCs. Some of the desktop issues are almost similar to the issues connected to the laptops. It is quite important that as a laptop user, one should be familiar with the issues one’s laptop is facing or can face in the future. There is a sort of irritation when a laptop fails to work. So, quick guide is necessary.

Other than this, knowing the basics of troubleshooting the issues are also important to know. In the absence of any expert guidance, handling the issue perfectly is crucial. Here, in the blog, we will be going through some of the effective solutions to the most common laptops problems. Let us begin with the solutions:

PC Support Office

No Display

At times, it becomes problematic to read out what’s on the laptop screen. Or one might be compelled to look at the monitor carefully so as to view the info on the screen. In such a situation, one must have issues with the laptop’s backlight which is responsible for sending light via the LSD so that info showed on the LCD can be observable.

Blurred Display

In some cases, one might find himself working on a laptop that is quite blurred. This can be an issue with the light itself and might want to carry out troubleshooting or even select to change the invertor or make a replacement of the screen. It can also be fixed by altering configurations to one’s windows environment so as to match the native resolution of the LCD display. Taking help from the laptop manual to know the current resolution can be helpful as well.

Sticking Keys

The keyboards of many laptops are delicate and have some tiny plastic caps under them. In case a user wants to remove the keycaps, he can try and be cautious about the breakages on the keyboard. In such a situation, it is considered to be updated about an issue or referring to the laptop’s documentation if one is not familiar with what one should do. In such a stare, it also advisable to connect to the PC Support experts. They have the best solutions to any sort of technical issue people fall prey to.

Intermittent wireless

This issue can arise with the wires accountable for wireless networks. Such an issue can occur in the course of laptop upkeep and one might unintentionally disconnect the wires from the wireless cards.  This is an issue that can only be solved by ensuring that one has suitably disconnected the wires from the cards. This is an issue by making sure that one has plugged in the network adapters since it is a step that various people likely to skip during the time of adapter installation & maintenance.

 Ghost cursor

It appears when one is typing and suddenly  hits the mouse control pad. This can cause dramatic cursor movements on the screen. Changing the keypad configurations can help.

So, it is always suggested to keep a track of the common issues that can arise while working on a laptop. The quick solutions can rightly help in any case. In case of confusion, contacting PC Support Office can help.

common PC hardware issues

Pc support office guide to overcome common PC hardware issues

Computers are built with security measures because all of the sensitive components and hardware will be gathered inside a casing to safeguard the components from harsh elements and dust. But some common computer hardware issues can occur at times despite the protection. For any such issues, consulting the Pc support experts to remain ahead of the problems.

Big issues can get resolved easily with the aid of business IT support team. There are other small and common issues that come up often with a computer. It is prudent to identify and recognize such issues.

The following blog is here is to guide users in knowing the commonly found hardware related issues on the computer:

Blank Monitors

This is the most usual PC problem. Most of the users who work with PCs may have faced with such non-working blank monitor once in their lifetime. In such a case, firstly the users should check the supply cord and power systems. At times, the video cable may be loosened. The users just need to push the video cable and place it again, it should help users now.  

Mouse Glitches

The mouse is used for a variety of operations such as playing games, opening files, and moreover, it enables easy navigation, thus gives easy access to the data. The most recurrent issues related to the mouse include connection issues, failure to move, freezing on the screen or damage to the mouse.

Keyboard issues

A keyboard is one of the vital components of any PC. It not only allows typing, but it also gives commands too. Users may encounter some common potential issues with the keyboard that comprises keyboards that will not connect to the PC, broken keyboards where the letters end up jumbled. With this, opting for Pc support tech experts for any such problem can prove to be beneficial.

Power Cord Snags

Power cords are an imperative part of any PC. The desktop needs the power cord to work. A laptop can work on batteries for a limited amount of time but then requires the power cord for recharging. The most common issue with the power cord is an unfitting connection.

Motherboard Troubles

The motherboard includes many parts of the PC including the RAM, mass storage, BIOS system, and CPU. The computer motherboard comprises various devices, which can create other credible issues. Issues with the motherboard range from less RAM to BIOS issues. Resolving the issues will depend on the particular issue and, the worst scenario, buying a new motherboard will solve the issues.

Not Enough Memory

Vigorous programs also demand a lot of memory. RAM (Random Access Memory) aides the CPU (Central Processing Unit) by storing instructions linked to common operations. Without enough RAM, software crashes and slowdowns can come up.

The aforementioned issues are common and small but can be irritating as well. The solutions below may help you in getting rid of the problems better. Besides studying about the issues and their solutions, if there is any confusion, consulting the best Pc support office experts can assist. They are proficient and handling every issue for them comes up to be easier to handle.

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