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PCSupport Office Shares Ways to Alter Themes for Skype on Windows 10

Looking back to immemorial times, Skype remains somewhat like a king. In the year 2019, there’s hardly anyone who can imagine a system without this app. Making it incredibly famous amongst billions of users worldwide, Microsoft bought Skype as a significant part of Windows 10 ambiance. This’s what lead to its success. To know more about this really cool app along with being accustomed to the way that aid in changing themes for it, let’s go through this blog. Provided by the adept Mavens at PC Support Office, this imperative post will surely prove beneficial in facilitating Windows 10 users with a more enjoyable Skype experience.

A little About Skype

Providing almost everything what the users expect from Skype, its latest version is reliable, intuitive, and fast. Another remarkable thing that grabs attention is the advanced features that make this app more attractive and convenient. Besides it, the app now serves users with the liberty to choose and change the theme for their Skype. Remember, this exciting aspect is what you’re here for. Now, it’s the time to end up stalling and answering your question.

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How Can I Change Theme in Skype on my Windows 10 System?

When it comes to change themes in famous Skype, you need to be a bit careful as the process is quite arduous. No worries as this guide will assist you to switch from your traditional light theme to new long-anticipated dark mode. What you have to perform so as to go stylish and dark is as follows:    

  • Open your Skype app.
  • Click your profile picture. On the other hand, you can click the icon displayed with three-dots on the right.
  • Select Settings.
  • Navigate to Appearance.
  • Beneath Modes, choose Dark.

The modification will immediately come into effect and your Skype will be available with a shady & stylish look. However, if you aren’t fine with the theme obtained after alteration, get the previous one just by clicking on the Reverse button positioned in the upper right-hand corner.

Now, when you are familiar with the operative step-by-step way to make Skype dark on Windows 10, move further to…

How Can I Modify My Profile Color/Shade in Skype?

The latest edition of Skype itself proffers Six profile colors. You can easily choose any of them as per your preference. Below PCSupport Office’s experts recommended step-wise process will aid you in identifying the location where these have been stored.  

  • Run your Skype app.
  • Click your profile picture.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Settings’.
  • Open the left pane menu and from there, select Appearance.
  • Beneath the right pane, visit the Color section.

Once reached here, you are liberal to opt any of the colors you like for your profile.

These were the easy steps that can turn your working with Skype on Windows 10 into a marvelous experience. So, apply them and accomplish your tasks more effectively. Meanwhile, note that the sluggish, unstable, or slow apps are good for nothing. Moreover, such sick applications indicate that your system is suffering or about to suffer from serious tech issues. If your Skype is acting weird or consuming time or not behaving expectedly, be cautious & get your system checked by PC Support Office engineers.