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How to Resolve Outlook Crashing, Freezing or Not Responding Issue?

Are you unable to open your Outlook as it is crashing or freezing, then how will you see your calendar, process the messages in your inbox, and get your tasks done on time? Such a situation can be quite threatening. No worries as fortunately, the professionals at PCSupport Office are here with the ways to fix this irritating snag in your Outlook.  Why they are available with this helpful guide is their passion to make the users get most out of their computer and the apps on it.


The main symptoms that indicate the occurrence of this issue is an error message stating ‘Outlook not responding’.


There are many reasons that result in this issue. Some of them are as follows:

  • You are not running the latest updates  
  • Size of your mailboxes are extraordinarily large
  • Data files in your Outlook are damaged or corrupted
  • A formerly installed or outdated add-on is distracting Outlook
  • The antivirus software installed on your PC is not up-to-date
  • Antivirus software or any other program conflicting with your Outlook, etc.


Now, when you have been accustomed to the reasons ‘why your Outlook is crashing, freezing, or not responding, it will be quite easier for you to get rid of this problem. Just follow the below tactics by the experienced engineers at PCSupport Office & see the results yourself.

  1. Ensure having the latest updates: Your first step is to check for updates pertaining to all applications (including antivirus). Doing this is an easy exercise and can troubleshoot your glitch. For Outlook updates, you have to open an Office app -> choose File -> Account -> Product Information -> Update Options. Once reached here, check if the updates are enabled. If not, enable the option and click Update Now & follow the on-screen instructions. Ultimately, reboot & restart your Outlook.
  2. Utilize System Restore: Sometimes changes that take place in your system can generate the issue. For instance – the installation of new hardware or software that conflicts with your Outlook. Restoring your system’s settings by rolling it back to an earlier phase of time can fix the problem. This will not impact your vital data but it is obvious that you need to uninstall & reinstall the programs installed after that restore point. Go to the Start -> Control Panel -> System & Security -> File History -> Recovery -> System Restore -> Follow the on-screen instructions.         
  3. Remove Add-ons: Interfering with the applications, add-ons often lead to such snags. Hence, removing add-ons from your Outlook can be an effective step to buzz-off the problem. For this, you will have to navigate to Settings -> System -> Apps & Features. Now, search for add-ons. Once found, select any of the two options – delete all or delete one at a time. Finally, relaunch your Outlook. Hopefully, the troublesome add-ons have been removed.
  4. Use Repair Tool: MicrosoftOutlook is a part of MS office & encompasses a repair tool. Have the advantage of this utility and let it troubleshoot your issue automatically.    
  5. Reinstall MS Office: If the snag is still following you, then there is a need to uninstall & reinstall the Office completely.   

Sometimes (very rarely), the issue keeps frustrating the user even when he/she had tried all the aforementioned steps. If the same thing happens with you, consult the adept PCSupport experts as instantly as possible else you can suffer from major losses.