Tech Support Scam

How to defend yourself from nefarious tech support scams?

A Tech Support scam is basically a form of Internet con that is gathering impetus on the Internet. Here, the scammers use strategies to trick users into paying for unwanted technical support services that fix the devices, several software issues and platform. There are mainly three ways through which Tech Support Scam is performed: 

  • Cold Calls
  • Pop-up messages on the computer
  • Flawed Search Results

How does this scam work?

The people behind these tech support scams pretend to be from the technical support department of renowned companies. They tell that the computer is infected with a virus or malware. It is all in all a tactic that gets the users to pay for fake technical support or attain access to a computer in order to steal credit card number or other vital financial information.

The fraudsters then request to install applications that offer them remote access to the device. Using remote admittance, these scammers can falsely represent normal system output as signs of problems.

Tech Support Scam

These scammers may also initiate by displaying false error messages on websites the users visit, showing support numbers and tempting them to call.

These false error messages trick users into calling a specified technical support hotline. The scammers provide fake solutions for the issues and ask for payment in the form of a one-time fee or subscription to a claimed support service.

The tactics are basically performed to steal important information from the victim’s computer, chiefly online banking details and passwords. The users feel it as a favor but in actuality, they have invited the hacker to steal.

It is high time that the users should get attentive to avoid Tech Support Scam that is specifically intended to fool.

How to spot these scams with ease?

Use your common sense

No renowned company sends unsolicited email messages or make phone calls to request personal or financial information, or to offer technical support to solve the issues related to PCs. No matter how vital the problem sounds, anybody claiming to be calling about PC security issues is purely lying.

Safeguard personal and sensitive information

It is important to never give the account numbers or passwords to anyone over the phone or the Internet as 100% surety is important in that regard. If there is any doubt, just hang up. A good tip over here is to never hand over the precious credit card or bank details.

If there is a doubt, discuss it with everyone

Telephone Support Scam victimizes people who are full of insecurities about their lack of technical knowledge. It is quite easy to be a prey! The best way to remain safe is by imparting knowledge. Informing other people about the scam and what the scammers are doing proves to be helpful. It is good to put the phone down if there is a doubt. The users should also consider reporting the scam to the firm being investigated.

Protect your Computer

The most effective way to protect PC is to use robust antivirus protection for all the devices. If the device is safeguarded by an anti-malware toolkit, it will not be producing errors online or anywhere else. If the PC does not have updated security software installed, the users must act now.

Use a Reliable Browser

Using a reliable browser when surfing the Internet can prove to be helpful. It helps in blocking known support scam websites. They can also stop pop-up dialog loops used by these websites.

So, basically being vigilant enough to avoid Techsupport Scam can help in keeping you and your devices protected. Just don’t panic and take some productive steps to keep yourself safeguarded.