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How Can You Extend your Laser Printer’s Life?

Analyzing HP printer experts’ report informing that users are liberal to enhance the life of their printers, we, mavens at PCSupport Office have come up with this guide. By testing a lot of laser printers over millions of pages, our team has discovered 4 significant ways that can aid the people in making their printing machines last longer. Go through the ways and see the results yourself!

Methods to Improve the Life Span of Your Laser Printer

#Toner: Besides snags like fade images or bad printouts, poor quality toner can generate several other issues. Not immediately but over time, it can damage various parts (that deals with paper) of printers. For instance – fuser, paper input tray, paper sensor, and paper output tray are the most vulnerable printer parts that get affected in this manner.

Sol. Be strict to deploy high-quality toner. The best platform to get such toners is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). 

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#OEM Printer Parts: There’s no surety that all the printer parts accessible in the market are optimal. Instead, many imported parts of printing machines are clones of the original ones. Though not designed by the OEM yet they are so nicely designed that differentiating them from the real ones is quite arduous. If intentionally or unintentionally fitted into a printer, these parts will generate issues over time.

Sol. Whenever, you want to replace a part of your printing machine, deploy OEM new. However, if you are ardent to save your money, go for an alternative where you can utilize OEM rebuilt replacement parts.              

#Education: A bit difficult to believe but most of the printer damages we usually come across are due to mistakes/ faults by end users. Some of the common end-user related issues are as follows:

  • Pulling a paper too hard or using sharp objects to clear the jam can damage the printer fuser.
  • Slamming paper tray while loading paper can generate glitches.
  • Dropping staples in the printer is also a bad attempt, etc.

Sol. From childhood, we have been hearing that education is a key to success. Here also, the same thing applies. Educating users on how to use printers encompassing how to feed paper, how to resolve paper jam issue, etc., is a good tactic to prevent the occurrence of a variety of snags. User manual is an optimal source for being accustomed to the proper way of using printers without committing mistakes.    

#Papers: PC Support Office engineers have found that there’s a lot of difference between printouts on standardized papers and other pages. Printing machines are able to proffer superior performance i.e. high-quality printouts on certified papers rather than abrasive or large-particle filler pages. Moreover, leaving behind fewer toner contaminants and dust, these papers contribute to reducing paper jams, image quality glitches, and many other problems.

Sol. Prefer using high-quality and standardized papers that suit your printer.       

These are the simple but operative ways which if implemented aptly will keep your printing machines away from multifarious tech problems. This, in turn, automatically results in enhancing the life of your printers. So, start implementing them! However, if any part of your printing machine has been already damaged or your toner not functioning properly or the papers are not fine, consult PC Support Office’s experts. They’ll assist you with better solutions to whatever concern you’re facing.