5 Secret Tricks that Every Windows 10 User Should Be Accustomed To

All of us are ardent to get the most out of the things we invest in. But sometimes, due to lack of awareness, we aren’t able to obtain what we deserve. When it comes to Windows 10, most of us are unaware of a number of hidden features in this operating system. This, in turn, prevents us from having the experience that we should have by investing in such an advanced OS. Surprised? Don’t be because it’s true. Moreover, don’t regret as its never too late. Just go through this guide by the knowledgeable engineers at PCSupport Office. Revealing information about some hidden features of W10, it will aid you in having a more exciting experience.  

5 Secret Features in Windows 10 

Windows 10 undoubtedly is full of latest features & tricks. But a few of them are hidden. Curious to know what these secret features are & how they are advantageous for you? Read on.      

  1. The Secret “Start” menu: Though the already existing “Start” menu performs well in providing you with several tiles and apps yet something additional that may prove useful is lying under. The secret Start menu allows you to gain quick access to some specific features like settings, disk management, etc. Instead of the common left-click followed by other activities, a simple right-click is enough to see a number of options. The Secret menu can also be available just by clicking the Windows + X key together.
  2. Shake and clear: Sometimes, you may find your PC brimming with a number of open windows and this doesn’t let you focus on the required one. Getting so many other features, users of Windows 10 have forgotten about the shake mode aspect (that was accessible even in Windows 7). How this feature can be used? You just need to grab, hold, and shake the window that you wish to focus on & all the other opened windows will automatically get minimized. Interesting – everything could be brought back just by shaking it once again.     
  3. Show Desktop Button: Similar to the aforementioned shake feature, this aspect allows you to get to your desktop quickly and easily by minimizing everything cluttering your screen. According to the PCSupport experts – it is quite simple. You just have to click the small button existing in the bottom-right corner of your screen & the action will take place. Additionally, clicking the same button once again will open up all the windows you left.         
  4. Secret Tasks with Cortana: Apart from managing your searches and organizing your meetings, Cortana (the voice-powered digital assistant) can serve you with fun. Just by commanding Cortana either by typing or verbally, you could easily play ‘rock paper scissors’, ‘flip the coin’ or ‘roll the die’.   
  5. God Mode: Being like a manager, this feature is for the users who want to keep track of and control everything on their systems including even the additional settings. To access and use God Mode, you have to go to your desktop and there, right click -> select ‘New’ -> Folder. Now, rename the created folder to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Ultimately, you can open it and change the additional settings as per your needs or preferences.   

These were the features that many Windows 10 users including you may not know about. Hope, the guide has changed the scenario and now you can confidently say that you’re completely accustomed to your W10. If any query is still there, resolve it with help of mavens at PCSupport Office.